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Secure storage and messaging service

25.70 $

Plus taxes, per month, per user
*12th month is free when subscribing to the Docurium annual package

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File storage and sharing

Docurium is an exclusive web platform for Canadian business professionals that ensures the secure hosting and sharing of technological documentation. Avancie ensures it's development and maintenance.

Legal compliance

Remote collaboration

Data synchronization

Maximum security

Rapid file sharing

Business mode

Accessible at any time

File versioning

Mobile applications

Messaging service

Votre Courriel is a secure email solution with Web access and is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook. You will be able to create your professional email address with your own domain name or one related to your association (,, and ensure the security of your data. The domain name must meet the criteria determined by the associations.

Full integration with Outlook

Creating and managing email accounts for employees

Integrated calendar management

Synchronization with telephones and tablets

Security for both your clients and yourself

This cloud-based storage and messaging service offer is implemented to enable the responsible use of information technology and ensure the security of information entrusted to the members of all three professional associations, and this, in accordance with their ethical obligations.

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Need a single service?

When signing up, you may opt for a single product at the following rates:


Secure file storage and sharing service
19.95 $

Plus taxes, per month, per user

*12th month is free when subscribing to the Docurium annual package

Votre Courriel

Secure business messaging service
5.75 $

Plus taxes, per month, per user

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Need other technological solutions? Other products are available!

Avancie offer other technological solutions designed to make your daily life easier. Although these products are not part of this offer, they are at your disposal and already well established in certain workplaces.

Browse other Avancie products You will be redirected to Avancie website. The aforementioned professional associations did not examine these other solutions as part of the call for proposals.*.

*Please refer to the guidelines published by your association with regard to your choice of secure technological solutions.

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